Shasta Cascade Leads Club

Shasta Cascade Leads Club

Redding Local Business Professionals Network for Leads

Leads Club is the longest-standing and most respected networking organization in the world, an industry leader for referral marketing organizations.

The Shasta Cascade/Redding Leads Club consists of highly skilled and professional business people and service providers who have proven their commitment to business integrity and positive networking relationships. Members build their businesses by building up those around them.

“When I’m referring a Leads Member, I’m not referring a business, I’m referring the person.”

~ Dennis Black, American Pacific Mortgage & past Shasta Cascade Leads Club Director

For a qualified and recommended professional, visit the Redding Leads Club Membership Directory.

Shasta Cascade Leads Club Meetings are held every Tuesday from 11:30am to 12:45pm at Market Street Steakhouse in Redding.

Leadership Team

Gail Shook | Assistant Director

Gail Shook

Thoras Cochran | Edward Jones

Thoras Cochran
Assistant Director

Bob Higgins | Guardian Angel Handyman

Bob Higgins

Matt Morgan | CEO & Founder at Optimize Worldwide

Matt Morgan
Chapter Consultant

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