HANDYMAN TIPS 101: Sprinklers, etc.

Sprinkler Tips by Bob Higgins | Redding HandymanLawn sprinklers are a wonderful invention. Unless they’re aimed the “wrong” way!

Often, when I’m called out to look at a fence job or siding on a home, there will be this perfect, half-round “bleached” out area because the sprinklers are “full-circle” pop-ups, when they should be “half-circle”, or they’re just aimed the wrong way.

All fences (stained, painted, or just natural wood), will take “incidental” water contact. What that means is, rain is fine, wind blowing your sprinklers onto the fence or siding is fine. Kinda like a “water resistant” watch. You can let a little spray from water hit it, but don’t jump into the pool with it on or it’ll quit (or tell the time correctly exactly twice a day). Either way, it sucks!

But when sprinklers hit the surface over and over in exactly the same spot…erosion happens. The stain wears, the paint wears, or the natural wood takes a horrible beating (no protection at all).

Hedge Trimming Tip by Bob HigginsBushes, trees, etc, are wonderful and we all love ‘em . But…cut them back! Here’s why.

First, trees that rub against the house can and will cause serious damage to the surface. It can tear away wood trim around windows in the wind, and if limbs actually lay on the roof surface shingles can be torn away and expose the underlayment to water damage and leaking inside the home.

Also, maybe most important, is security! Bigger (with plants and trees) isn’t always better. Huge bushes close to the home and by windows can provide a perfect hiding place for that creepy element we don’t want around our home. Burglars! In recent times, Redding has become a hot-bed for criminal activity of the home break-in variety. Bushes provide the perfect cover even in broad daylight. Please cut back your plants.

Now, if you don’t want to do the work yourself, Guardian Angel Handyman™ would love to help out. While I don’t do trees (high work, I call a tree-monkey for that), I can and will do most other trimming around the home. I’ll also, free of charge, evaluate your security issues and even look over your sprinkler flow and check for possible damage issues. All ya gotta do is call me! Or email!

Thanks for reading this far!

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