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Representative: Bob Higgins
Phone: (530) 227-0098
Address: 2205 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96002

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Having been a painting contractor for over 40 years in Redding, I realized over 10 years ago that there was a serious need for a handyman service that would do the smaller jobs around the home or business. I began to incorporate handyman services into the painting business and found that doing such a variety of jobs was very rewarding to me. When people will put off painting a home (in hard financial times, especially), they won’t put off a leaking sink or broken toilet!

Here is a list of just some of the things Guardian Angel Handyman™ can accomplish around your house or business:

  • Most plumbing jobs (toilet R&R, sinks, faucets, including R&R of water heaters)
  • Small electrical (lights, fans, plugs and switches)
  • Any painting of any type
  • Drywall repair/retexture/repaint
  • Wood fences, repair and installation
  • Gutter cleaning and repair
  • Home winterizing
  • Home inspection
  • Trim installation
  • And many, many more...

I am not a licensed “B” General Building Contractor and do not build homes or additions.

Bob Higgins - Owner at Guardian Angel Handyman™

Meet Bob Higgins - Owner at Guardian Angel Handyman™

I’ve lived in Redding since I was 5 years old. All of my school is here, including Shasta JC. 3 years in the US Army as a trumpet player (yes... trumpet player). I am a professional musician/singer and perform 3 times a week at various senior facilities, retirement homes, nursing, etc.

So, when you find those little things around the home or business, write them down, just like a shopping list, and when you get 5 or 6 me! This better utilizes my time and yours. Of course, if you have an emergency, I’m available 24 hours a day!

My work is ALWAYS guaranteed!

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